Since 2016, Kazakhstan, represented by the KAZRC Association, has been the 10th member of the international Committee for Mineral Reserves International Reporting Standards and Codes (CRIRSCO). The composition of CRIRSCO is annually expanded with successful candidates who have prepared the necessary conditions for admission.

Following Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Turkey, India, and the Philippines have become members of CRIRSCO.

Currently, the candidates for CRIRSCO membership include China, Ecuador, Kyrgyzstan, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and West Africa.

The KAZRC Code, like all codes within the CRIRSCO standards family, has been recognized on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) since 2016, and it was included in the listing rules of AIX in 2019.

Since 2018, the Kazakhstani KAZRC Code has been legislatively adopted for reporting on the assessment of mineral resources and reserves to state authorities (Committee of Geology, Ministry of Industry and Construction). During this time, the Committee of Geology has accepted 122 reports based on KAZRC standards.

The key activity of the KAZRC Association is the development, updating, and implementation of the KAZRC Code in accordance with the updates to the international CRIRSCO Template Standards.

The work on analyzing the application practice, clarification, and development of the CRIRSCO Template is carried out with the participation of all members on a regular basis. After the approval of the updated Template, necessary adaptations are made in the codes of participating countries. It is expected that this year the development of ESG requirements (environmental, social, governance - environmental protection, creation of favorable social conditions, corporate governance) will be completed and subsequently included in the new version of the CRIRSCO Template. Also, adjustments will be made to certain terms and definitions.

Representatives of KAZRC Association members are involved in the work on updating the KAZRC Code, with the main work being performed by members of PONEN.

Until 2024, the KAZRC Association consisted of 7 members - 2 associations (AGMP and APGO), the Public Association of Independent Subsoil Experts (PONEN), and 4 commercial companies - JSC Kazgeology, LLP Kazcink, LLP Corporation Kazakhmys, LLP Micromine Central Asia.

Since January 2024, the KAZRC Association has been joined by new members - LLP ERG Exploration, LLP Polymetal Eurasia, and Kazakhstan Chamber of MInes.

In the upcoming year, there is a lot of work planned for updating the KAZRC Code, developing proposals for the industry legislation of Kazakhstan to implement the best global practices in reporting on mineral resources and reserves, and conducting training seminars. The active involvement of specialists from all KAZRC Association members with experience in working with CRIRSCO standards is the key to successfully addressing these important tasks.